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Drawing is a definite source of happiness for me. I also write, and that has gotten much better than it was.

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sasori-kun's News

Posted by sasori-kun - October 18th, 2008

Ok, so i'm on youtube, watchin' videos n shit, when i remembered i had faved a really good one.

so i went through my favorites, i have 8 pages of those bitches BTW, and found it on almost the last page.

the reason why i am talking about this particular video:

/* */
is because i love all three parts of it (note: please ignore the first 24 seconds. i really dun like the damned pedobear!!).

0_0...*cough* right...so as i was saying i love the band because it's kind of a romantic meets light/ heavy metal sorta thing. and because of the wonderful graphics that were created to go with it.

the band is called 403 forbiddena(i think ^^;), and they have a unique style that i find enojyable. though they will never be as good as Malice Mizer( I:heart: KAMI-KUN and MANA-KUN(both guys BTW)!!!) or Astroninja ('TIS FOR YOU LEVAN!!!).

so if you feel like watching a bunch of ninja cats kick the everloving shit out of each other. i would recommend this video.

Sasori-kun@deviantart << this is my account on Deviantart.com. many of you should know what this website is. if you don't, i will hit you over the head with Levan's fish. but please click on the link to check it out, kudasai ne?

OMG!!! Nani sono wa jigoku sannyuu oite?!?!

Posted by sasori-kun - July 14th, 2008

i am in soooooo much frackin' pain right now!! okay so i meant to post that like monday, but my bed was comfy and the sheets were cool. but my arms and chest had gotten a sunburn on friday the 4th. my back, thanks to my long ass hair didn't burn, but i couldn't wear real clothes for almost a week. so i was stuck in a tanktop and shorts, and i couldn't bend my arms. then my uncle's girlfriend kept "forgetting" that i had a sunburn and kept patting my shoulder. i think i spoke more high elf that day than any other time past 5 years of age

Posted by sasori-kun - June 11th, 2008

dear god im bored!!! it's almost 6 and i havent slept a wink. insomnia is a cruel, unrelenting bitch. and sadly, no sleeping medicine will knock me out(it's true!! it's like i have an immunity to it or something.)

grrr...i hate this computer. i was gonna post a song on here, but it won't let me. gah!!! *mallet suddenly appears*

Posted by sasori-kun - June 3rd, 2008

GAH!!!! im a dork!!!! what should i do?!?!?!