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Drawing is a definite source of happiness for me. I also write, and that has gotten much better than it was.

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sasori-kun's News

Posted by sasori-kun - January 6th, 2010

i have a new submission! take a look and tell me what you think! :D

BTW, it's a drawing, cause...well... i dun have a photoshop program or an animation program.

Nouvelle soumission!!!

Posted by sasori-kun - December 29th, 2009

Christmas was the best this year! i was at my Babcia's house, and it was raining at first, cause a storm had followed me and Da all the way up, and we didn't know it 'til we got there. well over the course of the night, it began raining.

when i woke up in the morning, about 7 am; not very normal for me, i saw that it had started to sleet, and the creek behind her house had started to flood.

By 8 am, it was snowing. it had turned into a blizzard not even half an hour into it, and what a blizzard it was! It was a literal white out. i couldn't walk 4ft outside without getting covered in snow.

when the blizzard finally stopped, we let the dogs out and major had a ton of out there. when he was running through the snow, he would bounce. it was adorable.

Weihnachten war schrecklich!!

Posted by sasori-kun - November 12th, 2009

I discovered a new food that i like. apparently i like Mince meat pie. my mum not so much. Yea mum decided to buy it because we couldn't find a razzleberry pie, and im not a big fan of dutch apple, so we got both instead. tonight, we (me and mum) tried it, and i liked it.

Im outta school! permanentally! i finally graduated on October 24, right before 6th period! i left school at almost 1:30 in the afternoon, walked down to the Comic Boxx after hugging and saying goodbye to the staff (who had to put up with me for almost 3 months), and never looked back, except when miss pogue had me come to her office and gave me a sheet for graduation. i am proud of myself.

MMM... i am enjoying life right now. we're moving to a new apartment soon, and i can't wait! im also gonna try and get job closer to the new place, so i can just walk home everynight.

I really need to learn how to update more often

Posted by sasori-kun - August 17th, 2009

i was soooo tired when i got offa work on friday. the first day i worked there was the worst. my back, arms, and legs were on fire! i basically filled jugs of tea, and made cartons of gravy. at one ponit i slipped in some gravy and fell on my side. and when i fell my foot got caught in some shelving under the warming table, so when i landed i landed on my right side (left foot, right side. sorta twisted). it hurt, but i got back up and kept going. :D

hey hey hey!! i have more videos on youtube!! pleasde ignore a couple of them; i was just being weird. :D

/* */

i have gotten somenew artwork on here! this is the first time posting my drawings on here, and i would really appreciate your input!

i have some new photo's on Deviantart! fluffyluver999 oddly enough, my drawing has gotten better, but my photographing needs some work. D: But they are pretty good.

i shall now take my leave. my favorite anime is calling and i wanna watch it!! :)


Posted by sasori-kun - May 21st, 2009

i have some updates for you people! so put your dicks back in you pants and pay attention!!!

so, as many of you chronic masturbaters prolly dun know, there is a game circulating called "The Game". here are the rules:

1. you are always playing the Game
2. If you think about the game you lose
3. if you dun think about the game you win
4. when you think of the Game, you then to yell out "I lost!"
5. Everyone in the vicinity who knows of this game must then yell out "I Lost!"
6. there is a 1 hour waiting period 'til you can say it again.

fluffyluver999 << Miyavi Paperchild

fluffyluver999 <<The Gift

fluffyluver999 << Yagi-kun

fluffyluver999 <<Count D PAPERCHILD


I had better go, my favorite anime is calling and i can't bear to ignore it.

Mes Mises à jour de Journal!! (French.)

Posted by sasori-kun - March 28th, 2009

when was the last journal? that's how long it's been since i have updated.

so much has happened since i last updated this damnable thing.

First, i found several movies i like. they are Korean, but the website i use has them subbed. the first Korean movie is "Please teach me English." i like it a lot.

Second, since my first account got deleted on youtube, i created a new one. this time i didn't put the videos that got me deleted on their in the first place. TheElegantMystery . on there i currently have 40 videos. the majority of them are Japanese music videos, but some of them are mine. ^^;

Third, i have fallen in love with a new singer. Her name is "Emilie Autumn". my favorite song by her is called "I know where you sleep". Emilie Autumn--I know where you sleep

that's all i have to share with you. Til the next time i update, sleep with one eye open and check under your bed before sleeping. sweet dreams and even sweeter nightmares,

Kai, the Goth with sharpie lipstick

i have put this of for to long...

Posted by sasori-kun - January 17th, 2009

*Giggle* i really haven't posted a new journal in a long while have I? Not much has been going on, i finally finished my exams yesterday. when i got home, i fell asleep and didn't wake up til 6:30 (BTW i fell asleep at 12:45).

i have some more videos on YouTube. Weaselgirl333

ive been getting a lot of people visiting my page lately. and no, before anyone asks, im not changing my background anytime soon.

ok i found several videos the other day. i would like to now show you. the first one is:

/* */
this video is called "if your happy and you know it". the person is Miyavi-kun. isn't he awesome?!

the next video is:

/* */
this one is basically Korean hip hop. i really like this one.

and the last one i have to show you is:

/* */
this is Polysics. the song is I, Me, Mine. aren't they cool too?

I had better go. Jeff Dunham is on and i love his comedy. ^_^

ato daradara jikoku, ne?

Posted by sasori-kun - December 11th, 2008

YOSH!!!! it is true! the New Astroninja album "Kiss our Astro" is gonna be kickass!!! please go to
ASTRONINJA CD to buy your copy now!!

included in this awesome-o package are: Stickers (Bobby the Sheep!!! YAY!)
the Cd/Cd case with thank you notes from the Members
Bobby the sheep button
Ninja Card (Become a card carrying ninja today!!)
and big yellow case to hold it all!!

Again, reserve your copy today!!!!


i have more videos on Youtube!

yea i know i keep updating this, but i dun care, cause i'm awesome-o like that. Weaselgirl333

i have really gotten lazy lately. it has been very cold lately, and i dun like it. you see my body temperature runs higher than normal, so i feel the cold a lot easier than most. that and considering i haven't been in real cold weather since i lived up north (i live in the south BTW).

but, i digress, i love it here. cause i love the summer and during the summer it gets uber hot around here. which also means i can tan for a few hours.


Posted by sasori-kun - November 11th, 2008

i am actually very sleepy at the moment, not to mention hungry. i wanna burrito so bad right now. my metabolism has been kicked into high gear or something, cause i haven't gained any weight, the summer. and the fact that i eat a lot is kind of not a surprise. oh well, maybe it'll slow down in a couple of weeks.

i finally have more videos on Youtube. Youtube-Weaselgirl333
I will warn you: most of my videos are of JRock stars. but feel free to look around my videos. ^_^

ok so im youtube(c) and i was going through my favorites again, andi remembered i had saved: Astroninja- Bukkake Udon

i will never get tired of listening to this song.

if you want to visit their page it's :ASTRONINJA

Tons of loveliness,


hanatsumami auto waga munesanzun!!!

Posted by sasori-kun - October 28th, 2008

over the weekend i have been adding videos to YouTube.com, cause i was thinking, ' hmmm... i wonder if i can add my videos on to here?' (I actually had a bunch of videos that i had downloaded, and i didn't know if i could or not.)


i have about 27 videos currently. im gonna try to add more tomorrow.

By the way im gonna start writing my journals in Nihongo. so if you need a translation, feel free to ask me.

meatarashii gashitsu!!!